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Global Resource, Inc Guarantee: Fax or Email us any AC Repair bill and we will beat it by AT LEAST 50%!!!
Global Resource, Inc. works with your local AC repair specialists to give each customer the devoted attention you need. We do ALL types of repair work including: evaporator coil/cooling, heating, duct work, ventilation, cooling and more! Call us for a customized quote.

Our premier product is our Dryer & Leak Sealant
Don't spend thousands of dollars buying a new†AC coil, when you can seal the†leaks!!! With our patented dryer and sealant solutions, we are able to save your old evaporator coil from a costly replacement and ensure that your AC unit produces cooler air again.

†Each unit, on average, uses 1 can of dryer and 1 can of sealant per AC unit. One can dries out excess oxygen, the next can applies the sealant to seal all small leaks in your air conditioning coil.† They are used in that order (first dryer, then sealant).† This also seals leaks in the†A/C units of cars and trucks.† You must first replace the dryer, a $50-$75 part,†before installing this dryer and sealant (our installer will do this for you).

The kits works by: Sealing leaks in AC/R systems using†a self-sealing refrigerant, a 2-step process. Before†all moisture is eliminated by adding a super dehydrant (the dryer), which chemically reacts with moisture to form silicone oil, which blends with the compressorís lubricating oil. After operating the system for a few minutes with the dryer, the sealant is added and the system then self-seals during normal operation. No reaction will occur with levels of oxygen which may exist in AC/R systems.

Q: Will†this†sealant†seal all leaks?

A: The self sealing refrigerant process cannot seal extremely large leaks or ruptures. A good guideline to follow is it shouldn't be used for leaks that individually release more than one pound of refrigerant per hour.

Q: What is the possibility that solids might form in the refrigeration system if a refrigeration hose or pipe were to rupture during system operation?

A: The small concentration of active sealant material is miscible in the refrigerant and is dispersed throughout the system. Therefore, if a hose or pipe fails, virtually all the sealant will exit the system with the refrigerant charge. No deleterious residue will remain.

Q: Are there any other consequences of using the product in AC/R systems?

A: Yes, several things happen when this technology is used to seal leaking AC/R systems. In addition to sealing all leaks simultaneously without the need for finding and repairing each leak, all moisture is chemically eliminated. Moisture elimination stops acid formation and acid corrosion of system components. Removing the moisture vapor "dead load" on the compressor reduces compressor head pressure, amperage draw, and enhances refrigerant flow which results in lower discharge temperatures from the air vents.† In other words... COOLER AIR!!!
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