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Global Resource, Inc.

Will pay top dollar for your old telephone equipment, including Vtech, Cetis, Cisco & more. WE BUY IN LARGE QUANTITIES ONLY WE PAY FREIGHT & PICKUP WORLDWIDE HIGHEST PRICES PAID WE PAY FAST!
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If you want to sell your used telephone equipment, spent catalyst & old catalytic converters to a reputable vendor, consider Global Resource, Inc. When we buy your equipment:
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Sell Equipment

Top-notch and high quality telecommunication systems ensure flexible or smooth business operations. This is a great way to establish effective communicate with clients. Are you looking for a suitable platform to sell your used and old telephone equipment? Global Resource, Inc is an ideal corporate platform for people who want to sell used telephone equipment, catalytic converters, spent industrial catalyst as well. It is quite a tedious task to sell used telecommunication systems at desirable cost. We have extensive experience in purchasing the telephone equipment of leading brands such as Telematrix, Teledex, Partner, Lucent, Nortel meridian, Comdial and many more brands at reasonable cost. Our remanufactured telecommunications brands that we purchase include-: Opal 1005s - this is a single line speakerphone having a programmable service button. This phone instrument is deigned by keeping in mind international hotelier. You can find highly efficient functions of mute, redial, hold, message waiting light, accessible data port, with a modern European design in black or ash color. Opal 1010s- a single line speakerphone phone extensively utilized by the hotelier. Available with redial key, full-length paper faceplate, hidden programming key function, mute button, desk or wall mountable and other features to accommodate all your needs and demands of hassle-free communication.

One can sell Opal 2011s with convenient payment system. The two line integrated instrument is incorporated with exceptional functions or features including hidden programming key, raised red message waiting lamp, textured finish, desk or wall mountable, redial, electronic 3-way call conference, easy access data port, light-weight, support full-length paper faceplate and much more. Users can also find stylish international design. Moreover, sellers can get guaranteed satisfaction as we pay all customs or duties, the international freight cost to obtain all sizes as well as brands of catalytic converters from anywhere across the world. For flexible payment solutions we facilitate company check, foreign currency and bank wire as well. If you desire to sell your used spent catalyst, old catalytic converters, and telephone equipment to a well-established or renowned vendor, Global Resource, Inc is the worthwhile option for you to consider.

    We buy your equipment on the basis of-:
  • Purchase or Refine huge quantities
  • Efficiently pay pick up and freight cost worldwide
  • Topmost prices paid
  • Make payment instantly

Feel free to call or email us for selling your used spent catalyst, catalytic converters and telephone equipment in a convenient manner.