Investor Relations

Telecommunications is the major source of communication in any industry. Global Resource, Inc. is the fastest growing telecommunications company that leads in providing new and remanufatured high quality equipments. The whole range of our product is highly appreciated by clients from hospitals, hotels, universities and government agencies around the globe. We are committed to serve all your telecom needs with the strongest warranty in the industry.

Standing on 50,000 square foot facility, our company provides properly tested, refurbished, packaged, and shipped product in a timely manner. We understand your requirements and you receive what you want and when you want. Moreover, we make full efforts to make your job as simple and as comfortable as possible. We also specialize in selling phone systems across the globe. Our DCT1905 and AC9205s analog hotel phones are served in many countries.

We offer a very strong relationship with our investors which explores the beginning of our two most important projects: The Mexico Project and Alcohol Fuel Project. Our new refurbishing facility in Mexico will stand on 150,000 square foot in order to meet the increasing consumer demand. Facilitating the dispatch of refurbished telecommunications equipment on a large scale, the Mexico project also helps in testing, repairing and painting equipment.

Our pursuit towards the alternative methods in fuel development has allowed us to find an ultimate solution of gasoline, Globalfuel. Our fuel project is still in progress to provide less costly product that is higher in octane and contains deposit control additives which will clean your engine while driving. Seeking funds for research, testing and development, we also offer investment opportunities to our clients. We offer proper hospitality and equipment for our phone system services. Working with local contractors and telephone companies we ensure easy installation and support of your phone system. We also serve labor, parts, cabling and miscellaneous hardware for AC9110s.

With outstanding features of remote call forwarding, centralized voice mail and built-in service, our AC9210s will support all your working. We understand your expectation and make sure that there are no surprises and that our job met the deadlines. We offer low prices combined with our unmatched customer service.

New Projects


Mexico Project

Our low prices combined with our unmatched customer service has allowed Global Resource, Inc to become the industry's fastest growing telecommunications company. To compensate for this increased demand, we are now in the process of building a state of the art 150,000 square foot refurbishing facility to be located in Mexico. This facility will be used to test, repair, paint and dispatch refurbished telecommunications equipment on a large scale.

For investment opportunities on this project please email us with "Investment" in your subject line.

Alcohol Fuel Project

Rising gas prices with no end in sight has led Global Resource, Inc to pursue alternative methods in automotive fuel development. Globalfuel, an alternative to gasoline, was the solution. Still a work in progress, this fuel allows individuals to drive cars powered by an ethanol based fuel WITHOUT the costly automotive modifications that pure alcohol fuel require. In addition to being much less costly that its gasoline counterpart, Globalfuel has a higher octane and contains deposit control additives which help clean your engine while you drive. These additives also help significantly reduce engine emissions of pollutants and increase fuel economy.

We are seeking funding to conduct further research, testing and development of the fuel. To discuss investment opportunities on this project, please email us with “Globalfuel” in the subject line.